a C'mon Tigre short film

Directed by Marco Molinelli

Artworks by Maurizio Anzeri

Japanese calligraphy/Shōdo by Shigekiyuriko Yamane

Mountain pics courtesy of Behind Mag

mixed technics: stop motion and CGI

Often considered to be untranslatable, the Japanese term MONO NO AWARE refers to the bittersweet realization of the ephemeral nature of all things. It is the awareness that everything in existence is temporary. The fleetingness of youth, the fading of romance, and the changing of seasons are not to be mourned, but cherished and appreciated in their impermanence, for that is where their beauty comes from.

This art video is made in collaboration between the music collective C'mon Tigre and the artist Maurizio Anzeri, animating the Anzeri original artworks to tell a story of the beauty of ephemeral human beings life, flying over places like a bird, observing people who live in those places in a dimension where history and future converge. Maurizio Anzeri makes his portraits by drawing on tracing paper, which he laid on top of old photographs, and after by sewing directly into the photographs. His embroidered patterns garnish the figures like elaborate costumes, but also suggest a psychological aura, as if revealing the person’s thoughts or feelings. The antique appearance of the photographs is often at odds with the sharp lines and silky shimmer of the threads.The artist’s recent expansion of his practice to include landscapes stems from an interest in the idea of ‘electricity’: electricity that we emanate and absorb and its manifestations. In his altered landscapes, mysterious emanations suggest unseen phenomena, and allude to the spiritual and mystical.



Directed by C'mon Tigre and Sic Est

CG by Sic Est

Produced by BDC / Bonanni Del Rio Catalog

Taking inspiration from a science fiction novel from 1969 by Michael Moorcock, the story is about a modern version of the first human being, who appears on earth as an adult child, being enthusiastic for discovering the great inebriation that freedom can give, the liberation of the body using the metaphor of dance.

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/// Rewarded by Queen Palm International Film Festival (Palm Springs CA) in April 2019 Edition music video category: GOLD as Best Editor / SILVER as Best Director / BRONZE as Best Music Video / HONORABLE MENTION as Best Music ///

/// Rewarded by LAFA Los Angeles Film Award as The Best Music Video for 2019 ///

/// rewarded by VENICE Film week as The Best Music Video for 2019 ///

/// Official selection of Berlin Music Video Awards ///

/// Official selection of International New York Film Festival 2019 ///

/// Official selection of New York Lift-Off Online Film Festival 2019 ///

/// Official selection of San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2019 ///

/// Official selection of Aesthetica Film Festival 2019 ///

/// Best Music Video Nomination by PAMA Paris Movie Award 2019 ///


federation tunisienne de football

Directed and animated by Gianluigi Toccafondo

There is no keyframing, no filters no post production, over 5000 frames totally hand painted.



Directed and animated by Danijel Zezelj

The film was made by taking pictures of Zezelij’s drawings surface while he painted over the course of several weeks. Each brush sign has to be documented by a photo, same technique as the most classical animation. The peculiarity of his approach is that every drawing he paints erases the previous one, every mark erases the one below and what remains is encased in this film.